About Us

           I STAR CORPORATION (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established since 2003. —The main purpose of our company, to management retails and wholesales business about IT products for meet the demands of consumers. Because, the executives who like to continues follow the News about IT technology and new gadgets. This cause made our company have a chance to found many new products in aboard which its consumer demand is huge in this currently.  So, the company decided to start importing goods from abroad by ourself.


         More than 10 years our company do the IT Business starting from selling and import the ‘digital camera’ (grey market) both for retail and wholesale.We are the “1st digital camera store” in Fortune Town, with the highest sell volume at that time. Also the “1st” store selling MP3, and iPod —


         Starting E-Commerce www.GiGDigital.com , our store selling memory card , flash drive , iPod, ranked 1st on Google (with our SEO Strategies) . After that for a while we have rebranding , change domain name from www.GiGDigital.com to www.GiGShop.com focusing on camera accessories products. Then our shareholders expanded the business to specialized or category killer store such as www.MrBattery.co.th and www.CableStudio.com focusing on battery and cable products.

         Now, we’re one of the famous  importer and retailer in Thailand and we have 5 stored in Bangkok in the IT Mall Fortune Town and IT Square Bangkok where is the place many people decide to visit before other place for shopping  IT products. And we have our own dealers in every parts of Thailand. Also we do like importing agent when the customers need any special products, we source all kind of products for them. Our next step is increasing the distribution channels for all our products imported.